Canine Massage, Bodywork & Training

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$10.00 off first in person session, bodywork & training

My massage table is sanitized before and after each use as well as washing/sanitizing my hands before I work with your pet.

I will wear a mask at your request.


Balance in body & mind


my name is Tammy Callahan and I offer canine massage, bodywork & training throughout the south east Michigan area.

My service is mobile and by appointment.

Please call or email me for more information or with any questions you may have.



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Reiki & Craniosacral

  Reiki can be done in person or from a distance.  It is done with the intention of helping the animal to self heal. It supports emotional & mental well being. 

 Every living thing has a life force. This life force flows through channels in the body known as meridians and chakras. Emotional and physical trauma can alter these channels. Practitioners through the use of their hands can help to restore normal flow of the life force through the channels. 

  Craniosacral technique uses a soft touch, practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system.

 Reiki & craniosacral therapies integrate well with regular veterinary and/or holistic care regarding many issues, physical or otherwise. 

 I am a certified practitioner through Angel's Animals for both Reiki and craniosacral therapies.

Massage & HTA

 Massage & HTA integrates well with regular veterinary and/or holistic care regarding many issues, physical or otherwise.

 Massage & HTA can offer possible relief from pain, anxieties, surgery/injury recovery, fear & aging. 

 Massage & HTA is great for creating a strong bond between you and your pet, I can show you some easy ways to massage your pet.

  I utilize non-invasive touch therapy, with a combination of bodywork and energy work.

 I am a certified practitioner through Animal Behavior College, (ABC) and PetMassage Training & Research Institute, Foundation Level and Advanced Level programs for massage.

 I am a level 1 practitioner through the  Healing Touch for Animals program.

 Massage can be done on any animal who's willing to receive it.


 I really enjoy teaching the basic ABC/123s to dogs of all ages. Seeing the "a ha" moment when they "get it". They are so proud of themselves and enjoy showing off new things they have learned.

 Training is an ongoing process thru a dog's life and can be utilized at any age.

 I am a positive reinforcement, reward based trainer, which means I train without force. This type of training is very effective and creates a bond of trust throughout your dog's life time.

 I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College, ABCDT.

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