Canine Massage, Bodywork & Training

"Balance in body & mind"

Mobile service provided throughout the 

south east Michigan area.

Prior to first bodywork session starting

"Meet & Greet"​

Prior to the first session starting, (bodywork only), during the "Meet & Greet", paperwork will need to be completed. This paperwork includes pet parent information and the pet's history. During this time​ I will introduce myself to your dog as well as interact with him/her and answer any questions you may have. 

I encourage you to remain present for the session. 

Your dog ultimately determines the length of the bodywork session. Please allow 1 full hour of time for the session.

I will not use force or muzzles. I will not force him/her to participate


Massage, ANMR, HTA & Energetic work

Session*                                                                                              $50 

Session includes-

"Meet & Greet*~setup~session~review

Reiki (1/2 hour session)                                                                 $25  

Reiki can be performed from a distance as well.

("Meet & Greet" fee does not apply to distance sessions.

"Meet & Greet"                                                                                   $20

At the first session we do a "Meet & Greet". This is to fill out paperwork, ask any questions we may have and it also allows the dog to relax and achieve a good comfort level so we can continue into the full session.

The $20.00 goes towards the session cost.

If, for some reason we cannot continue into the full session the

"Meet & Greet" fee is non-refundable. 

*A "bodywork" session can last 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Please allow 1 full hour.

I do not use muzzles. I will not force him/her to participate.

I encourage the owner to be present during the session.

Your pet will ultimately decide how long a session will last.

If you have any questions or would like more information,

please call or email me.

Contact information below


"Basic Training Package"                                                             $250

First session includes "Meet & Greet"

5 sessions total

1 session a week/each session is 1 hour

*sit, down, stand, stay, sit/stay

"Basic Advanced Training Package"*  

"Basic Advanced Training Package"                                  $250 

5 sessions total

1 session a week/each session is 1 hour

*down/stay, come, no, okay, leave it

"Basic Training" by the hour                                                   $50

Hourly basic training can be utilized for small

isolated issues that need to be worked on without having to sign up for a full package.


Contact Information

Tammy Callahan


[email protected]

You can email me by submitting your information below

or call me at the number above.

Please let me know what you are interested in, bodywork, training or both.
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Thank you! I will contact you within 24 hours.

I do not diagnose medical issues

I do not diagnose medical issues or offer medical advice.​


I am not a veterinarian

Massage & acupressure do not replace regular veterinary care.

Massage and bodywork are great complimentary modalities to regular veterinary and holistic care.

Massage is meant to be integrated with regular veterinary and holistic care to promote self healing.

I do not prescribe medications

I do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery of any kind.

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