Canine Massage, Bodywork & Training

I do take Covid seriously and take precautions when working with you and your dog. 

My massage table is sanitized before and after each use as well as washing/sanitizing my hands before and after I work with your pet.

I will wear a mask at your request.

$10.00 off first in person session, bodywork & training

​$5.00 off first distance Reiki session​


  • improves quality of life
  • increases muscle tone and use
  • increases circulation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • stimulate and improve immune function
  • improves flexibility at any age
  • life transition
  • behavioral problems
  • speeds up healing after surgery or injury
  • encourages trust between the dog and the pet parent
  • stimulates and relaxes fascia
  • reduces swelling & inflammation
  • supports health in all stages of life
  • relief from stress and anxiety
  • releases toxins
  • relieves skin issues
  • provides comfort to sore tired muscles
  • integrates well with regular veterinary & holistic care

  • Certified PetMassage Practitioner
  • "Bodywork" is an umbrella term used to encompass massage therapy, energy therapy and other types of holistic modalities
  • Currently studying Tui Na massage technique

Reiki & Craniosacral

  • supports self healing
  • supports anxiety/stress relief
  • relaxing
  • support emotional and mental well being
  • in person sessions
  • Reiki is a good choice for dogs that don't prefer a strangers touch or an intrusion into their home
  • craniosacral is a good choice for a dog that has exceptional physical discomfort  and a massage may not be the initial choice 
  • distance sessions available (Reiki)
  • Certified Animal Reiki Master practitioner
  • Canine craniosacral practitioner certification 
  • Currently studying small animal acupressure.


  • puppy training
  • house training
  • basic skills, (sit, down, stand, stay, sit/stay)
  • jumping up
  • digging
  • counter surfing
  • staying off of furniture
  • learn to walk your dog
  • games to play with your dog
  • bond with your dog
  • advanced basic skills, (down/stay, come, no, okay, leave it)
  • keep your dog safe
  • non physical and fun
  • positive reinforcement training
  • will be more attentive to you
  • helps to stop behavior issues before they can start
  • uses pent up energy when you work with your dog
  • supports a healthy active lifestyle
  • helps keep weight off by staying active
  • Certified Dog Trainer,ABCDT

                  Why I do what I do

Throughout my life, I have had different types of pets. Fish, mice, hamsters & cats. But I have always had that special place in my heart for dogs. They are my favorite furry companion. We can share a bond with a dog like no other. Each one is special and one does not replace another but creates it's very own special place in our hearts all it's own, filling the void in life that would exist without a dog in it. They are there for us when we are happy, sad, mad, frustrated, anxious, no matter the mood, without judgement and all the love that they can give. I have decided to give back in a way that I know can help them as they have helped me with so much in life.

Of coarse, proper veterinary care is the key to a healthy pet.

In addition to proper veterinary care, massage, bodywork and proper training are wonderful tools that can be utilized in your pets life and well being.

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